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Texan Italian Stories -The Italians from the Bottom

These monthly series highlight people, events and stories from the Texan-Italian community during the year of Italian culture 2013.

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Please ONLY use green button below if you want to be completely ANONYMOUS. (even to us)
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About the Video:
Following a story told by one of the texan italians we interviewed in our last video named Joe Perrone, we ended up in the towns of Bryan and Hearne. There we found one of the most amazing italian communities of Texas.

We're extremely excited about our special musical guest, Sicilian Carmelo Salemi!
Song featured "Alveari" from the album "HYBLA" (c) 2001 FolkClub EthnoSuoni
Featuring also once again a song by the wonderful Jahzzar - Creative Commons God!! , "Sketch (Vlad)"

Remember, The Texan Italian stories series are made possible by contributions from people like you.
Use "Tip Jar" option (green button below) to leave donations of up to $500 with any major credit card.
All donations received will be reinvested in the creation of more FREE films such as this one.

Hosted By Romina Olson
Written/Directed by Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Camera Work: Romina Olson and Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Editing: Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Community Coordinator: Jordan Garcia
Communications Intern: Claire Aguilar
Hays County community manager: Jacob Ehrstein
Academic Supervisor: Antonella Olson Del Fattore
Texan Italian Stories is a production of ITALCHANNEL.TV:
Creating open edutainment video tools that highlight Italian and Texan Italian culture.

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