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Why Is Customer Service Important to an Organization?

In Business-to-Business or B2B organizations, customer service sure plays an important role. It can help in improving the business, and also helps the business to stand out from other organizations and crowd. In B2B Company, it makes customers feel that they are valued. It empowers the company to send factual messages. Customer service makes them capable of getting indulge in social media (Gillin & Schwartzman, 2010) since many B2B organizations assume that businesses are their customers, so there is no need for them to involve in social media, but as a matter of fact this is not true. Majorities of buying agents as well as other individuals who might have connections or relations to businesses are on social media such as twitter, Facebook etc (Evans, 2010).


Further, customer service open up dialogues with other businesses. It helps in getting feedback from the customers in order to know how much it is valued. If Business-to-Business organization loses its customer, it can exert influence on the performance of the organization throughout the year. So, customer service is essential for keeping customers happy, and also for improving loyalty of customers. Actionable data is required in B2B, customer service helps in getting information regarding customer’s needs and problems, which helps B2B organization in maintaining a connection.


Additionally, B2B organizations compete not only on the creativity but also on the quality of service (Raulerson, Malraison & Leboyer, 2009). So, when two brands or organizations facilitate customers with similar products, features, and prices then customers select the products on the basis of the customer service that is provided. It helps in differentiating a company from its competitors. In Business-to-Business companies, the chances of getting repeat business from majority of customers are more for the company that is providing exceptional customer service. Companies that fail to provide good customer service have negative impact on the business.


A company needs more money in order to acquire customers than to retain them. This is because of advertising costs, and other expenses. Therefore, if the company makes efforts in providing exceptional service to customers, it can pay dividend in timely manner. Moreover, customer service is important to B2B organization because customers or businesses will always remember great customer service or the terrible one (Ellis, 2010). If an individual represents the organization in an effective and good manner, customers will remember the organization, but if any individual represents in a negative manner, then the organization may lose customers.


Furthermore, customer service is important for B2B organization because it is also an effective marketing angle. It creates awareness regarding the product that a business is offering to other business, and helps in attracting new customers. It is also important because of the fact that it reflects the whole business. If an organization is facilitating with good customer care then customers can assume that it has good products. So, it is essential to ensure that every aspect of the business is in accordance with expectations and needs of customers. Good customer service is an indication of good products.


By the above mentioned facts I tried to explain why customer service is essential to B2B organization’s overall health. It takes little efforts in order to have effective and exceptional customer service, and advantages are numerous. In my opinion, nothing matters if you offer poor customer service. An organization can enjoy advantages of top-notch service through just little extra efforts, and it will get positive results for sure.


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