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Visit with Mayor Jim Wood - Oceanside, California

I personally hold the view that the field of experience of a person is always beneficial in defining who that person is. All the experiences that a person enjoys since birth such as the things that I do, the people I meet, or the things that I enjoy every day make me the person who I am today. In my life, I keep on meeting new people as all these people greatly help in forming me. Whenever I get an opportunity to meet someone, there is always a mark left behind on me of that person, especially if I am opportunist enough to know them well enough. My improvement has been contributed by all i.e. friends, family, and strangers.

Recently, I had an opportunity to meet the Mayor of Oceanside, CA, Jim Wood. What a great and influential personality he is. Working in the police department for more than 31 years, he has earned enough respect for himself. Narcotics, Child abuse, domestic violence, robbery, property crimes, elder abuse, and homicide are all critical areas in which he has worked along with many agencies such as Naval Criminal Investigative Services, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Secret Service.

He has made many economic developments. The local traffic circulation was improved with top priorities by him. He is very active in his works and works happily with the City Manager and the City Transportation Manager to solve the problems of traffic congestion. He truly believes in open government and encourages everyone to talk to him via e-mails, telephone or make an appointment to make a person visit him (Mayor Jim Wood, 2017).

I had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Jim Wood at Oceanside City Hall. I was a bit nervous before meeting him but he met me enthusiastically. He met me in a very friendly manner and made me feel like at home.

I visited with him in his personal chamber where we had general talks. He is such a public figure who has been rewarded for his good deeds many times. He showed me his medals and explained when and where he got them all. He explained what it all meant to him. I was so inspired and motivated to see all those medals.

He also had in his office, gifts from visitors, and his photographs clicked with prominent public figures. He showed all of them to me. I liked them all and was thinking of achieving the same heights that he has achieved one day. I found his personality mesmerizing and I just happily kept on seeing all that he was showing to me.

Another happier moment was the tour of city hall building with Mayor Jim Wood. The city hall building is so beautiful and is still a testimony to the modernistic and simple approach of Gill to architecture. He told me about various interesting facts of the building and told me about its history as well. Later on.

It was late afternoon then and I had to come back. As I was leaving, I presented him a real Italian cappuccino mug with the Seal of Milan City on it. He thanked me for the gift and with so much generosity, gave some gifts to me as well. He gifted me a hat, a medal, a coffee mug, and a pin having the seal of Oceanside city on all of those items. I finally left feeling so much honored meeting him, especially seeing his friendliness and generosity.

Also, I love the city of Oceanside CA so much. I have visited here several times earlier also and I can come here anytime as I always like the coastal areas and the beauty of the city. Going back, I felt so honored meeting Mayor Jim Wood and visiting one of my favorite beautiful cities. The day was indeed very beautiful.

Severino Ricci


Ref. Mayor Jim Wood. (2017, April). Retrieved from

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