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Now, keep in mind we are talking about New Zealand, but isn't the following universally true?

"Although consumers should do their homework and shop around before making a purchase, ultimately consumers are entitled to rely on the information given to them by businesses," commission enforcement manager Greg Allan said.

It was important businesses exercised care when advertising their products and considered how consumers were likely to interpret and perceive that advertising, he said.


This is the matter of contention:

A New Zealand bathroom and kitchen supplier has landed in hot water with the Commerce Commission after it falsely advertised its products as Italian-made.

The commission found Spazio Casa Limited breached the Fair Trading Act, between late 2007 and April 2010, by making false and misleading claims on its website and brochures about the origin of its products.

Spazio Casa gave consumers the impression its products were made in Italy, even though 60 percent of its products were manufactured in China, the commission found.

The company claimed its products were unique and not sold by other New Zealand retailers even though some of the products were readily available from competing suppliers.

I found the entire handling of the case of utmost interest. Read the article here.

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