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The Importance of Learning and Practicing Foreign Languages

There are plenty of reasons for learning the second language but I am sure the importance of practicing at least one foreign language is general for everyone; it will bring tangible advantage into your life. 

Personally for me, foreign languages are so important because I know where to apply them and what benefits they would bring me. 

In the business world, our international partners mostly speak foreign languages, often French, Spanish, Russian or German. Obviously, not all of them speak English or have an entrepreneur around to help in negotiations. So, unfortunately, we may lose a bit of potential clients. When we have business meetings with the representatives of another culture, we are used to speak English as the official language, however we may memorize a few simple words of the representatives’ language and use them in conversation. It helps them create a positive first impression and show sincere interest in the partnership. In many cultures, even attempting to speak the language is viewed as a sign of respect and has the potential to open doors in the future. I can tell that firsthand. 

Also, one of the most important reasons to learn and practice a foreign language that I experienced myself but have not noticed until I was a teenager is the stimulation of my mind. At some point I found myself oozing curiosity at every turn, busting with pride every time I discovered some particularity or similarity with my language and thus lusting for even more knowledge. The familiar becomes fascinating, and our mind is open to new ways of approaching even the simplest areas of life. 

My parents have always encouraged me to go beyond my limits. Learning a foreign language has always served to improve the quality of my life, so even if I decide to learn Japanese and would never use it in practical circumstances, I will at least enjoy exploring a new culture and educating myself. I find it fascinating and unique that modern social networks and applications helped me find amazing people who became my passionate instructors and companions. To me, the journey of learning a new tongue from the native speakers and meeting great people during my trips, is the kind of experience I will never forget. 

My favorite and most spoken foreign language is the American English for personal interest and reasons; of course I use it and benefit from it at work. I have been studying American English for several years and will continue to strive to improve my fluency fervently and enthusiastically.

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