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Slayer Espresso: The Newest Partner of Gruppo Cimbali

Leading American and Italian espresso machine companies join forces to expand global presence. An interesting announcement for avid coffee enthusiasts like myself.


Gruppo Cimbali: A Network of Coffee-Making Companies

Gruppo Cimbali is an Italian group of companies that designs and manufactures machines for making espresso (La Cimbali, n.d). Currently, it owns the brands Cimbali, Faema, and Casadio. In addition with these espresso-maker brands, Gruppo Cimbali has a recent major acquisition of Slayer Espresso, making it the fourth brand associated with the company’s name (Cadwalader, 2017). However, it was made clear that Slayer has entered a partnership with the company, and not a change of ownership (Brown, 2017).

As for everyone’s information, Gruppo Cimbali, or simply Cimbali, is a network of companies which are mainly based in Italy. It has manufacturing facilities located in Binasco, Ghisalba, and Cappella Cantone, all of which manufactures 200 machines per day on the average (La Cimbali, n.d). Moreover, the group is not only limited in Italy. It is known in the international market, and is able to extend to over 100 countries (La Cimbali, n.d). As such, it is already a huge achievement prior to the partnership. Just imagine what the partnership will bring in the near future.


The Significance of Slayer in the Espresso Industry

The partnership will prove to be a revolution in the world of espresso-making machines. This is because Slayer is also a huge company by itself. A company based in the United States, Slayer manufactures espresso-maker equipment which features unique and innovative products that will ensure high-quality coffee variations. (Slayer, n.d). As a proof, the company was already recognized for how many times, and these awards came both from national and international award-giving bodies in the coffee industry. Currently, Slayer is a member of the Special Coffee Association of America, and has received the “Best New Product” award from the said association, as well as from the World of Coffee (Slayer, n.d).


Americans love Coffee

Thus, this partnership will surely become a significant step towards the desired expansion of the Cimbali group. Having companies based in two different countries, the influence will surely become much wider than before. This is because Italy and United States are countries where the coffee industry blooms, mainly because of the lifestyle of the people living there. Moreover, the coffee industry has a rich history in the United States, which makes the country a desirable place for expansion. Evidence showed that the coffee culture in America can be traced back in its military, where coffee is a part of everyday lives of the soldiers (Olmstead, 2014). This love for coffee has been passed for generations up to the present, and there are several instances which can prove it. In fact, Starbucks, a leading coffee chain in America, consistently dominates every part of the country (Olmstead, 2014). This only shows how coffee has been an essential part of the American culture. Thus, the introduction of new flavors of coffee brought by the equipment of Cimbali will surely excite the tastes of coffee lovers.


Coffee Brings Cultures Together

Being an Italian and a pro-American made me somewhat proud of this achievement of Gruppo Cimbali. This is because the Americans, through the Slayer, recognized the capability of the Italian companies to manufacture equipment used for making their beloved coffees. Even in a small way, this expansion becomes an instrument for making the Italian and American culture closer. Since both countries have this passion for coffee, the coffee-maker products will pave way for new flavors while preserving the quality of the beverage. Americans will have new experience with the coffees made from the products of Gruppo Cimbali, while Italians will have a taste of coffees such as Starbucks. Surely enough, this culture interaction will become a revolution in the coffee world.


Severino Ricci


(my former article on Starbucks to open in Italy at



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