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Hi All at BAIA,

I'm Raffaele Bianchi, and many of you already knows me and have met me from the
BAIA aperitivos experienced together in the last 3 years!!
I officially rejoin today BAIA website, and I like to introduce myself to the entire
BAIA community online: I would be happy to meet many of you, expecially from Italy,
here in SF, so to create a new Friendship and an eventual Business Relation!

I am originally from Rome, and since 5 years living in the East-bay, in the town of Alameda,
after having married with my sweet half...she is American!
I have originally worked with my own company, importing chocolate from Italy, and after two years I have decided to go back in a
field I used to work in Italy, that is Real Estate: I have worked in Italy for Remax, and here in the States, after having been with Coldwell Banker and Better Homes,
I have just recently joined Bay Sotheby's ! For many of you that knows the name of the company, it is an higher and important Brand in the field of Real Estate;
you can see something of our company at this link , our office and East-bay site here , and my personnal profile here .

Sotheby's it mostly dedicate the work to an higher end luxury Real Estate, for the quality of its service, even if we can deal on any kind of transaction and sale!

I know that in this I'm joining one of our most famous member of BAIA, which is Grazia Bennet (that I say hallo in this moment!), that work for the same company in San Francisco.

So, I was about to mention to you something personla about Real Estate, and in order to not overcome Grazia's work, I would refer to myself in relation to the area
of the East-Bay and South/North bay, even if I would like to work a lot in the City too!
What I like to say is that: plesase consider me if you would like to make the step of becoming Homebuyer here in the Bay Area, as I like to offer to the BAIA member
a special Buyer's Package: I will follow them as my preferred Buyers and at the end of the Closing Transaction, I will be able to deduct up tp $1000 from my commission, to help them in the Closing Cost of the Purchase:
for the one of you not much familiar with the Process of Buying at Home, I can explain it to you in details if you like to be in touch with me personally!

So, I like to give this special gift to the partecipants of BAIA, for the fact mainly of being most of us Italians in the US, and also to create a possible future business relation between us!
Of course, the same favour can be made if you need to Sell your house, I can provide you a lower commission % than the average!

Please let me know if you want to be interested in How and Where to buy a Home here in the Bay,
or contact me for any information on the Market, I'd welcome the opportunity to work with you!

For now, I great you All, please share the voice for me, that I could include any friends or Family,
and I look forward to meet you in person at any of the BAIA aperitivs!

Best for Now,


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Comment by Vincenzo Senatore on June 24, 2016 at 2:18pm

Hi Raffaele, hoping to see you soon in the next aperitivo!


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