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Interested in a career as a Customer Service Manager? If you are a problem solver, a leader and a naturally communicative person, you might has a future as a customer service manager. I have been dealing with customers for over 20 years, and working in the "customer service" field has always been my passion, ever since I took the first steps in my family’s Company. I think it is just the key element that allowed me to find new stimuli, even and mostly in difficult moments. I face professional activities as life, with energy and optimism.


I professionally and personally enjoy being in contact with people, working as part of a team and supporting it to provide exceptional customer service, feeling good about the company I work for, valuing customers and furthering strengthen relationships with. Never scared of putting myself on the line. Having a creative and open mind-set, as well as being curious sure professionally help me out.


I think passion and purpose should be greater than challenges. To be successful, in my opinion, you have to be willing to learn more, practice longer, work harder, lead better and smile more; this sure requires passion.


Thanks to my professional experiences I had, and keep having the chance to acquire and improve those skills

that, to me, better fit for being a customer service manager, such as:


  • Teamwork and communication abilities;
  • Strategic vision;
  • Openness to change and innovation;
  • Leadership;
  • Patience;
  • Problem-Solving.


Of course it is rare to be passionate about any responsibility at work. I’m not passionate about each of my daily tasks; however I think it is important to focus on the one aspect of our job that we are passionate about, for instance: our mission, our customers, the organization we work for, our team members and so forth.


I believe that only those who can innovate will continue achieving success and satisfaction.


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