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Marc De Olivieira’s has had a life that transverses different environments. From his beginnings in São Paolo (Brazil) to the USA there is a sense of dynamism based on the different areas that he has lived. Consequentially there have been huge opportunities, challenges, sacrifices and obstacles that illuminate the life of Marc. This has had a considerable influence on the life of Marc with close family ties being crucial towards his ability to succeed in the long run. Tenacity, determination and hope have been key pillars in the life of Marc. 

In a nutshell some of the obstacles that were experienced by Marc border on his origins and the new environment that he was introduced in for the purpose of reliving his sacrifices.  Some of the sacrifices that were made by Marc are inclusive of language barriers. This is as a result of the new environment. Portuguese is his national language and difficulties were experienced as he had to get English proficiency over short period of time for the purpose of his studies in the USA. This could only be attained through hard work. 

One more obstacle that Marc faced was the exposure to a different culture as he moved to the new environs to attain his dreams. Culture difference can be a significant challenge to immigrants as there is a gulf in cultural traits, values, behaviors from Brazil to the USA. This is specifically influenced by the state of the two nations and there are acceptable and unacceptable norms that exists in the USA. 

Marc therefore had to learn to associate with the new environment as quickly as possible based on the culture of the states for the purpose of his education.

He therefore had to adapt to the new environs while ensuring that this did not affect his studies in any way. 

The new country’s lifestyle was also different and this posed significant challenges to Marc. Marc got to learn that he had to work as well as study to make ends meet as life in the States is expensive. 

Some of the sacrifices that he had to make was change his lifestyle. Consequentially Marc had to sacrifice his time, hobbies, sleep as he had to work hard and took up a job while at school. Social and personal sacrifices were also made as it becomes hard to constantly associate with loved ones during the period of his studies. 

However, Marc was able to finally make it through as he was able to get the Masters degrees that he craved for. Consequentially and most importantly he remembers where he came from and keeps in touch with family on a consistent basis. The emotional and psychological support that he received from his family helped him get through his studies. Marc is an emancipation that through hard work and dedication everything is attainable and that the sky is the limit. It is considerably important that the journey has been well navigated through overcoming of obstacles and challenges while embracing opportunities that may occur.


Marc today is a successful Nurse Practitioner. After completing higher education,  his career had a terrific improvement. He has been working with renowned Hospitals, Clinics and doctors and, as a matter of fact, is consistently in demand by.


Marc is sure a role model for those who want to move abroad; he shows us that the path to achieving your dreams is paved with self-doubt, loneliness and sacrifices. But people like Marc reach their goals because they overcome any obstacle along their journey, even when they want to throw in the towel. We here find Marc’s story an inspiration to anyone who is trying to get to a better place in his or her life.

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