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L’8 per l’Innovazione: Webinar di lancio e di presentazione dell' 8° edizione del Premio Best Practices per l'Innovazione

BAIA, as a partner of Best Practices for Innovation Award, a Confindustria Salerno initiative, invites you to participate to the June 12 and 13 summit.The Best Practices for Innovation Award wants to promote the convenience, for the public and private market, of the innovative processes, and wants to do it using the storytelling procedure.

BAIA, within its mission to promote in Italy a business ecosystem that fosters innovation, is a partner of the initiative being represented in the Technical and Scientific Committees of the Award by Matteo Fabiano and Flavio Notari.

The Best Practices for Innovation Award started in 2006 in Confindustria Salerno with the aim of telling real cases of innovation and describing the results for the beneficiaries, thus promoting their spread to the largest possible public and stimulating the knowledge between companies.

The initiative has the double aim of stimulating the demand for innovation and letting the competitiveness culture grow. Every company has the opportunity to show its specific expertise, enhance relations, loyalize its clients and contribute, by a systemic logic, to the modernization of the productive system: to be a pin prick that, together with the other ones, stimulates the change.

Save the dates

- June 4 at 15.00, will take place on the take over webinar presenting the partners of the initiative and the instruments they dedicated to presenting innovative participants:

- June 4, starts the Online voting of the Companies and Projects participating the Award

- June 12 and 13, the two days summit in Salerno, Companies and Projects expo and conferences. There will be also a livestreaming of the summit, hosted also on BAIA Channels

Read the official program description: Webinar "L'8 per l'innovazione", 4 giugno, ore 14.30







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Comment by BAIA LINK on June 11, 2014 at 9:38pm

Comment by Matteo Fabiano on June 6, 2014 at 5:35pm

Online voting is now open. Every company has a detailed card in Italian and English.

You can vote for both the "Best Practices" companies as well as the "Up-Start" startups here:


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