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Italian Driverless Car Beats Google Driverless Car

My ex-colleague Alberto Broggi from the University of Parma created a vehicle able to drive, without a driver, from Rome, Italy to Shanghai, China (over 13,000 Km or 8,000 miles). The electric car, driven by a PC reached Shanghai, China on October 28 after crossing two continents and surviving all sort of driving environments. The vehicles, equipped with four solar-powered laser scanners and seven video cameras that work together to detect and avoid obstacles, are part of an experiment aimed at improving road safety and advancing automotive technology.
The length and complexity of the trip dwarfs the recent accomplishment by a team of Google engineers that drove a fleet of 6 cars for over 140,000 miles on the easy and comfortable traffic of California roads and highways.
The University of Parma project was sponsored by the European Research Council.
Read more from: [Oct. 28, 2010 Articole on PHYSORG.COM] [Jul. 22, 2010 Article and Podcast on NPR]

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Comment by Giorgio Ghersi on November 28, 2010 at 11:50pm
Where's the button for "I like this!"???


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