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For many people the road to success and the road to happiness diverge somewhere along the way. People sometimes feel they have to choose. With growing consistency people are told to follow their dreams and work to be happy, but they are not told how and not told what that means in the real world.

To my mind, achieving career goals and objectives is much easier to do when one understands exactly what they are and how to go about it. Identifying goals must be a thoughtful process with consideration for the lifestyle, interests, and strengths one would like to have. Different professions come with different pay ranges, job types, and professional expectations. This should be a factor once career options are narrowed down. While money is not everything, being able to pay your bills or repay student loans is a realistic consideration. I think it is useful to identify interests, strengths, career options that match, and then comparing those to the lifestyle envisioned to identify if the choices are realistic and will provide the long term stability one might find important.

Once a person has identified their career choices, the goals and objectives can be established based on identifying the education or vocational training necessary to do the job, practical requirements such as age or location, and the steps needed to achieve them.  The objectives can become the stepping stones necessary to achieve the overarching goal. By establishing reasoned, attainable objectives toward the desired end goals can be reached.

I just think it is important to remember that for everyone doing any job, there will be aspects of it that are not ideal. Everyone wants the job that fulfills them, brings them joy, or satisfies some need. And many people attain this, but are then disillusioned when they are met with requirements of the job that are not the stuff dreams are made of. There will be aspects of the job that are necessary, but not automatically the fun or inspiring part. Do not let those parts of the job make you believe it is a bad job. Every job has those mundane details that have to be attended to. When it has become unclear if the job is still the right fit, remind yourself to take a step back and make sure you can still see the forest despite the trees. Becoming overwhelmed by the mundane details can make us forget that in the big picture, we are doing what we love.

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