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DIVA Interactive System: Successful Innovation

When launching a new product in the market or promoting the already existing commodity in the business, awareness creation is important because it determines how returns will be generated.


As we know, the primary purpose of marketing a successful innovation is to increase a firm’s productivity as well as increasing the customer base, and DIVA, an Interactive Light System, is sure a real innovation for different businesses, such as bars, lounges, restaurants and hotels. With the current dynamic competitiveness in the business realm which requires constant interaction with the client, DIVA’s product features make it outstanding for the activities in the Bar, Restaurnat and Hospitality Industry. This will help them to reap the advantages which DIVA Interactive offers.


The system's lighting functionality allows the customer to interact with the surrounding environment, notify the attendant when ready to order, or call the server at the table for any assistance needed. The system also allows it easier for the customer to request for the check at the table without moving to the counter.

The system is also programmed to suit other entities such as Hotels, SPA, and Resorts to efficiently and effectively deliver their services to the customers and staffs; for instance, when you’re ready to leave the hotel room you may want your car returned, by using DIVA you send a request to the valet who will deliver your car in no time. DIVA Interactive makes business activities at the sites more functional by providing entertainment and marketing tools to allow companies to increase profitability as well as brand awareness. 


The lighting functionality of the system can tell the exact number of seats and locations already reserved, which helps the management to know the number of vacant space available for more booking. The system can also trigger different actions within the business which call for the management’s response. The current hospitality industry requires companies to fully interact with customers because this makes the clients feel that the business owner values their loyalty to the enterprise. With this said, DIVA Interactive lighting functionality is a necessary entertainment tool for the firm to the customers during the evening hours.


DIVA Interactive System gives the customers an opportunity of choosing their most preferred locations within site based on color preference as well as table color depending on the colored plates or drinks. Then, the integrated software applications in DIVA Interactive System glows to show interactive night theme with the customers.


Clients are used to rating their satisfaction level, checking for updates and sharing events and experiences on the firm’s social media sites. Thanks to the customers’ reviews and complaints the business can identify own strengths as well as weaknesses and act on them for the betterment of the service delivery. This sure helps outdoing the competitors. 


DIVA Interactive System allows managers to control the entire business from a central location without necessarily moving around. The system software applications along with mobile devices make it easy for the restaurant manager at the base station as well as managing the whole setting.


DIVA Interactive System is the perfect answer for those restaurants, bars, lounges and other hospitality locations that wish to enhance customer satisfaction. As mentioned, DIVA System organizes the customers’ requests in a better way, allowing the servers to respond to the customers’ expectations. As a marketing tool, DIVA System collects data at the table and delivers the contents to the firm’s system in a way that can be used to improve the customers’ service delivery and customer engagement inside the location.

As an entertainment device, DIVA system may vary events as well as activities to help making the business area a unique place for the customers to feel refreshed and on return to increase the firm’s productivity and brand awareness.


DIVA Interactive System may sure be of interest to investors fascinated by and attracted to innovative and successful products.


Congratulations to Federico Cardana and Giacomo Bellazzi for inventing such a state-of-the-art, original product I had the privilege to interact with.


For further information on DIVA Interactive System visit or contact Federico Cardana, CEO at

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