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During the period that I have been a member of an editorial board, I came to realize that being able to communicate is paramount the very minute you embark on a project where conveying your own thoughts in a plain and clear way is the overriding factor. During the time that I spent on the editorial board of a company magazine, I have become aware of a number of shortcomings that have prompted me to improve my communication skills. Nowadays, understanding the concept of successful communication is crucial to understanding work and social related issues. We use telephone, fax email facilities, cellphone, newspapers and company magazines like the one I worked for. These tools should make problem solving easier. And yet, at times both verbal and written communication, including email writing, still proves superficial and incorrect, failing to convey the message across. The language used is cold and impersonal and it may cause unease and misunderstanding, which is something I have experienced directly.

Limited communication skills may generate disagreement at home, in the workplace and anywhere else for that matter. Having been able to identify this limitation has urged me to develop and improve my communication skills. Thanks to the work I have been doing with a company magazine I realized that communication is not solely based on talking and listening, as a number of additional factors are just as crucial such as clarity of expression, a proper explanation, the goal we intend to achieve, knowing and understanding the meaning of the words we use as well as the meaning of the sentences we construct. Studying every single aspect of communication is one of the primary goals I have set for myself.

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