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Vacations are morsels of sanity: besides a healthy slice of family time and return to our beloved roots, they can also launch us into an energetic journey of rediscovery. I like to satiate my appetite for what's beautiful, healthy ("sano"), and positive when I travel back home.

So this time I picked up "Buone Notizie" by Giangiacomo Schiavi to treat myself to a hopeful read and to a swim against the current of negativity. In this uplifting book, Giangiacomo Schiavi of Corriere della Sera, compiled a collection of Italian stories with happy endings and, even more attractive, motivating beginnings. The protagonists? Italian entrepreneurs, "next-door neighbors", fellow Italians who overcame personal challenges to make us proud of our cultural fabric and serve as examples of what we can do. From the former Wall Street guru who returned to launch Zero Gravity, to fondazione Triulza, the network of nonprofits that will make the sector prominent at Expo 2015, we can count on examples of courage, solidarity and intelligence that leave us with no excuses not to give our best, as Italian professionals and citizens. Read it and you will not feel content until you have thought of how you can make a difference in 2015. Keeping with the trend, Buongiorno Italia opens a window on good news and makes it compelling to make them happen. Happy 2015 and to renewed faith in our country. 

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