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Why Is Customer Service Important to an Organization?

In Business-to-Business or B2B organizations, customer service sure plays an important role. It can help in improving the business, and also helps the business to stand out from other organizations and crowd. In B2B Company, it makes customers feel that they are valued. It empowers the company to send factual…


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Come Stay Where It Feels Like Home

Hotel Regina delle Dolomiti - Come Stay Where It Feels Like Home - Val di Fiemme TN, Italy - Severino Ricci, Ambassador to Hotel Regina delle Dolomiti…


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Starbucks to make Italian debut !

Since its inception in 1971, Starbucks has experienced an exceptional progress around the globe whereby it has “more than…


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Thanks Milano !

I’ve been living in Milan since the year 2000, and have never forgotten where I come from, that is San Severo, Apulia - something that makes me feel proud of.


We Apulians, always stood out thanks to our tenacity, humanity, easy-going attitude and efforts we put in everything that we do (in saying that, I have no intention of playing down the virtues of my fellow country people from other regions).


Milan welcomed and gave me a chance of personal and…


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pro-American Italian

Being a pro-American Italian is very much a part of who I am. I…


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The Importance of Learning and Practicing Foreign Languages

There are plenty of reasons for learning the second language but I am sure the importance of practicing at least one foreign language is general for everyone; it will bring tangible advantage into your life. 

Personally for me, foreign languages are so important because I know where…


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The Importance of Revising and Editing our Text

We all know that “revising” is an ongoing process of rethinking the paper, including reconsidering our arguments, refining our purposes, reorganizing our presentation, etc., from a critical, fresh perspective, while “editing” is a process of correcting and adapting the…


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Daniele Garozzo, Gold Medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Frascati Scherma, Rome - Today I had the privilege to meet Daniele Garozzo, the winner of the gold medal in the Men's Individual Foil at the 2016 Olympic Games - Rio, Brazil.…


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Passion at Work

Interested in a career as a Customer Service Manager? If you are a problem solver, a leader and a naturally communicative person, you might has a future as a customer service manager. I have been dealing with customers for over 20 years, and working in the "customer service" field has always been my passion, ever…


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Airline Strategic Alliances

One among very many Global Strategic Alliances I have always been fascinated by, is the Airlines Partnerships. Originally conceived as a small-scale cooperation agreement made among very few airlines, alliances…


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Holidays in The Dolomites, northeastern Italian Alps

Looking for the perfect getaway in the Italian mountains? Hotels Regina delle Dolomiti, located in Val di Fiemme, offers a pleasant stay. Take a peek at the hotel website …


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“dall’alto i problemi sembrano più piccoli”

This Summer I had the privilege to meet Paolo Angelo Nespoli (ASI/ESA Astronaut) who gave a speech on teamwork and passion, at our Corporate Event. Such an honor!


His book “dall’alto i problemi sembrano più piccolo” is a must-read one.


In 2007, Italian austronaut and engineer Paolo…


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Promoting BAIA on Linkedin

451 views on my Linkedin update “BAIA Link” within a very short time-frame (7 days only), amazing result. I’ll continue promoting our Association. …


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Communication, and The World of Communication

During the period that I have been a member of an editorial board, I came to realize that being able to communicate is paramount the very minute you embark on a project where conveying your own thoughts in a plain and clear way is the overriding factor. During the time that I spent on the editorial board of a…


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Customer Service Main Skills

Below I'll cover the main-needed skills in customer service, to me, for mastering this important position:


  • Flexible approach
  • Naturally communicative
  • Relational and Organisational skills
  • Precise and able to concentrate on task at hand, while working…

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Great Experience !

I keep tackling my Bucket List! I've always dreamed of being a fighter pilot.. Today I stopped dreaming and climbed aboard my very own stunt plane. It was not a simulation. This was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done so far. Thanks Zac for the best experience of my life. Sky Combat Ace, Las Vegas - HIGHLY RECOMME…


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Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer that I highly recommend

I just wanted to say thank you to Brandon C. Peters, former HBO Fitness Director for Banshee TV series and celebrities Personal Trainer, for the wonderful personal training service.

You provided, with professionalism, expertise and congeniality the perfect balance of motivation and challenge and encouragement that I need.

Brandon is a Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer in Orange County, CA that I highly recommend, take a peek at his website:…


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Real Estate preferred Service! - Best

Hi All at BAIA,

I'm Raffaele Bianchi, and many of you already knows me and have met me from the

BAIA aperitivos experienced together in the last 3 years!!

I officially rejoin today BAIA website, and I like to introduce myself to the entire

BAIA community online: I would be happy to meet many of you, expecially from Italy,

here in SF, so to create a new Friendship and an eventual Business Relation!

I am originally from Rome, and since 5 years living in the…


Added by Raffaele Bianchi on June 23, 2016 at 11:23am — 1 Comment

A bit of Italy in Tub, our personalized editor in chief.

Hi all and happy Memorial Day!

Two weeks ago I attended and won the StartupBus North America 2016, a 72-hour hackathon sponsored by Uber and Cisco with 200+ attendant coming from all North America.

During the competition, my team and I created Tub, the first multi-platform bot in Facebook Messenger that gives you your “read later” content when you want it and based on the time available you have.

We will begin by bubbling up your saved content when you are in an Uber:…


Added by Alessio Zanotto on May 30, 2016 at 1:09pm — No Comments

New Member - legal

I've recently joined BAIA and legal group. I'm a dual Italian/UK lawyer and moved to Palo Alto to join my wife (Stanford). My expertise focuses on international business transactions and biotech patents. I grew up bilingual and will be interested to meet (at least virtually) all of you with Italian/USA connections as well as develop my network! This is also to extend all my best wishes to Matteo Daste for the prestigious decoration of Knight of the Italian Republic.

Added by Vincenzo Senatore on April 2, 2016 at 1:10pm — 1 Comment

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