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January 2012 Blog Posts (8)

Near-death experience: The rise and fall and rise of Italy’s premier car manufacturer

Book Review by "The Economist": Less than a decade ago, Fiat, the largest private manufacturing company in Italy, seemed bound for the scrapheap. The carmaker had celebrated its first 100 years in 1999 and had weathered other financial storms in the recent past. However, when it had to negotiate a huge…


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Guglielmo S.r.l. is looking for business partners in USA

Hello Everybody

We're looking for business partners in order to evaluate together the possibility to export our products and services in USA.

My name is Nicola Iotti, I'm one of the founders and the CTO of a company called Guglielmo ( We started in 2004 and today we're one of the more important Wireless Internet Service Provider in Italy.

We handle more than 2000 hot spot in the whole country with more than 300,000 users…


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Graphene: the amazing 2D sheet that could change the world

An initiative at the European level, and in which Italy will play a prominent role, plans to take advantage of the exceptional characteristics of graphene in applications ranging from sensory surfaces to lower-cost photovoltaic substrates. Its high conductivity, optical and electrical properties, mechanical resistance and elasticity, among other advantages, make graphene an ideal candidate to offer carbon-based, sustainable solutions for electronics, renewable energy, and other…


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Tragedies, theatrical tendencies, bella figura, and government changes.

Does Severgnini hit some nerves with this article "Italy’s recurring tragedy, The quest for «bella figura»"? What is your opinion?

There is a theatrical tendency in Italy, which is part of our charm and at the root of our problems - and not just on the high seas. But things are changing, at last.



Added by Matteo Fabiano on January 19, 2012 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

WSJ: Ducati To Post 43% Sales Jump in North America

Seems like Ducati is on a roll in the US. Results in 2011 are excellent:

Ducati’s sales stand out in a motorcycle industry that has struggled since the economic downturn of 2009. Sales across the industry plummeted about 40% that year and continued to fall in 2010. Some brands recovered a bit last year – German rival BMW’s bike sales rose 7.4% — but the jump at Ducati suggests a particular upside for certain segments.…


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Kai Ryssdal of NPR Interviews Sergio Marchionne

It's called the North American International Auto Show, the big carmaking gathering that kicked off this morning in Detroit. It is -- as most auto shows are -- an event where manufacturers show off their new machines.

The Dodge Dart is Chrysler's big entry this year in what looks to be a fairly promising year for the Big Three. Sergio Marchionne is the CEO of Chrysler and the Italian automaker Fiat, which owns almost 60…


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NPR: Italy's Accordion Industry: Tiny And Thriving

More than 70 percent of Italy's gross domestic product comes from small businesses — and they're not growing. Economists are worried this will make it impossible for Italy to climb out of its massive $2.6 trillion debt.

Even in a global economy, something as small as Italy's accordion industry can have an impact. The work of its craftsmen has…


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Job Opportunities


Sono uno psicoterapeuta italiano di 32 anni con diversi anni di esperienza clinica nel settore pubblico e privato. Mi sono preso una pausa di 6 mesi qui a SF per migliorare il mio inglese, frequentare alcuni corsi alla UCSF e valutare la possibilità di rimanere qui e cambiare lavoro. Scrivo per chiedere consigli, suggerimenti ed aiuti di ogni tipo per vedere se è possibile raggiungere questo obiettivo. Grazie mille. Andrea (…


Added by ANDREA CRAPANZANO on January 8, 2012 at 5:01pm — 2 Comments

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