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I'm happy to tell everybody that there's a coworking network for makers and professionals that in Florence (Italy) is evolving in an incubator for little startups. The objective of the new action plan is to have a private equity fund to use for launching new products based on the new artisans' work and integrate in their manufacture new technologies and electronics.

And a manufacture focused coworking called LOFOIO.

As accelerator, the interesting topics of the new subject that should born in the next 3 months are related to 

  • outsourcing promotional and communication services
  • outsourcing electrical and mechanical engineering
  • exchange consultancies 
  • promote business participations into small business and new startups in Italy
  • create a network of stakeholders interested in financial revenues from the incubator
  • managing IP and patenting options during time and internationalization 

As a small company we are interested in having consultancy about the use/partnership with a microVC company, private equity funds and consultants and every financial or productive institution that could help in connecting the realities in San Francisco and Florence.

I'm looking forward to see your comments and suggestions on this board as well as making contact with interested members and participants.

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Hi Florentin, sounds interesting. We work with international incubators to help them market their portfolio companies in the USA. You can contact us here:

Thank you Matteo. I'll send you an email on firematter.



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