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innovation in waste=resources with a different grade of usability

Dear all,

I'm Francesca from Italy and i write you o ask some informations about commerciasl opportunities with art galleries

Me and my future husband are going to start (next week!) a Round World Trip:
in this journey we want to meet alternative models of economic growth, based more on cooperation than competition: projects created by a person or groups of people who decide to work in an ethic and environmental respective way.
Sustainability and social enterpreneurship (to bring value to people with our products) are the hot topic..!
He is a painter and i'm an environmental engineer working at the university: my idea is about a company start up to collect coffee grounds to reuse them and produce organic and natural fertilizer. One step behind the production of mushrooms.
So I'm writing you both for pleasure and work: at the moment Paolo wants to establish new commercial contact with art galleries (my future husband is a painter and both together we hope to find interesting people to speak about that matters (Blue economy and startup).
I hope to collect experiences, comments and comparisons from this trip in order to thrive the project (coffee startup) right from the beginning.
We'll stay in Los Angeles-San Francisco from the 13th to the 24th of February 2014.

Is it possible to meet each other?

We're searching contacts with art galleries and interior designer and people working in the waste/recycle management, of coure the the focus is Blue Economy growth model. Your point of view could hopefully be very useful and well-advised.

It would be a pleasure have a chat with you in front a cup of coffee!

Thank you for your time and attention, we hope we can meet you.

Best Regards,

Paul and Francesca

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Hi Francesca,

I'm Florentin, italian designer, and I'm currently living in San Francisco. One of my participations is in the cofarming project, started in Italy in 2008. Take a look at the italian page:

I'd like to start a conversation on it. Your project and trip are really a good idea. Congrats!

Please don't hesitate to contact me while you're here.


Florentin Hortopan



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