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The enclosed eLetter was sent last Sunday to US subscribers of the free WineCountry.IT e-letter and we had a very positive response, so we thought we would extend it to the members of the wine and food group of BAIA. Since you all are interested in Italian quality wines, you might like to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are not yet subscribing to the free WineCountry.IT monthly e-letter, In order to take advantage of this offer you must:

  1. Sign up for WineCountry.IT monthly e-letter,
  2. Place and order for three bottles of wine minimum before August 15, 2010.
    (See offer details about the offer below.)

Journals and Journeys Wine Club

Journals and Journeys Italian Wine Club Launched
for US Subscribers to WineCountry.IT e-Letter

50% discount on all WineCountry.IT, LLC wine portfolio
Offer ends August 15, 2010

WineCountry.IT and Journals and Journeys have partnered to launch the Italian Wine Club to achieve two goals: to reduce our wine inventory while rewarding US residents who subscribe to the free WineCountry.IT e-letter by offering them quality Italian boutique wines at a discounted price. Additionally, this will make it easier for the subscribers to try the pairings suggested in the easy to prepare, healthful recipes published on Journals and Journeys.

Despite the fact that the wines imported by WineCountry.IT, LLC are produced by small, often family run estates whose micro production is counted in thousands of bottles rather than in millions of cases, the lingering sluggish economy has slowed sales so much that some of our Italian producers are considering rerouting part of their production to different markets. We want to avoid this in order to maintain the supply of these quality wines once the crisis relents and the demand soars again. We know that these small estates will not increase their production in the future, thus, should part of the wine currently allocated to the California/US market be sold elsewhere, we will come up short.

All considered, we have decided to take the plunge and offer all wines in our portfolio at an unprecedented, one time only 50% discount on the occasion of the launch of the Journals and Journeys Italian Wine Club. This includes hard-to-find wines, which are down to the last few bottles. Make no mistake, this is an under cost sale which will not be repeated, but which will hopefully allow us to place orders with all our producers and thus keep the good, quality boutique wines coming our way.

To sum up, US subscribers to the WineCountry.IT e-letter who place an order for at least three bottles of either the same or different wines from WineCountry.IT portfolio by August 15, 2010 will receive a 50% discount of the full price at our online store, They will also become members of the Journals and Journeys Italian Wine Club, which entitles them to an ongoing 10% discount on all wines sold on plus, from time to time, they will be offered extra discounts of up to 40% on select wines and other products on the catalogue. The membership will last as long as the free subscription to the WineCountry.IT e-letter remains current.

It is important to note that the Caliscana wines are now being offered at unbelievably low prices because the producer had already slashed the price 50% about six months ago, thus our extra 50% discount offered now will actually bring prices to a 25% of their original value. These are quality wines that have won awards at recent US Professional Wine B... facing off against a wide variety of quality US and international wines.

Check out the wine list and get started now, before the best deals are gone. Feel free to forward this message to friends and family, they have time until midnight, August 15, 2010 to sign up for WineCountry.IT e-letter then place their discounted order.


Loris Scagliarini,
WineCountry.IT, LLC President



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