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At EICMA 2011 (Milan's International Motorcycle Exhibition) Piaggio just unveiled the Vespa 46: a leap into the "future with a tribute to the MP6, the original prototype [released in 1946] and progenitor of the world’s most famous scooter, an unsurpassed example of Italian style and creativity.

By distilling the essence of a scooter that changed the style of individual mobility forever and enhancing the lines that secured its success, the Pontedera Style Centre has projected the Vespa into a possible future where references and projections, tradition and innovation, merge seamlessly. The vibrant heart of the Vespa 46 is a state-of-the-art engine that paves the way for forthcoming advances, with low fuel consumption and minimal exhaust and noise emissions."

[source: Piaggio] 


The most distinguishable element of the Quarantasei design is the aggressive forward lean in the rear, emphasized by the hanging seat and the way the bottom of the frame rises up towards the wasp-like tail. ["Vespa" is "Wasp" in Italian]

Vespa has built a reputation for classic, retro-styled scooters, trading on its iconic styling. But the Quarantasei concept is a look toward ahead, and might be the most futuristic-looking Vespa ever!

Read more at EICMA's website>>


(If you have 10 minutes to spare) Check out this tribute to Vespa's history:

[Always wear a helmet, and -please!- hold on to the handlebars...]





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