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S.Pellegrino Sparkles With Bvlgari: A Tribute To Italian Magnificence

According to Uzoamaka Maduka's selection of Most Wanted:
"For reasons we cannot fathom, S. Pellegrino and Bulgari have come together to recast the classic long-neck bottle in faux-decadent splendor. But who needs reasons when it feels this right? After all, the 'S. Pellegrino Sparkles with Bulgari' bottle has all the winsome qualities of la vita italiana: heritage, quality, and melodrama. Gold! Emeralds! Brilliant cut diamonds! Sparkling, still my beating heart!"

Divertissment, co-marketing, co-branding, or everyday thing of beauty, whatever it's meant to be, it doesn't go unnoticed.

Announced in the Summer of 2011, I (finally?) encountered this while dining with my one-and-only Bolognese friend at the best Pizzeria in San Francisco yesterday... I say no more!





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Best pizzeria in San Francisco? Do tell me more!!!!

Ha! You've got me...
I really thought I could sneak that by without getting noticed.

Alright: I'm willing to talk, but only in person (say at a BAIA Aperitivo), and under cover of some witness protection type-program.
Does BAIA offer that?!?

I love the BAIA Aperitivo, but I managed to go to only one of them in the past six months, and for the March event it seems I will be in NY, so, do I have to wait until April??? Stop by the gallery and say hi soon!  (and tell me about the pizza place!) I have not seen you in ages!

Ciao ;-)



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