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...which -according to automotive website is the latest name tag registered by Maserati. The FIAT fully-owned subsidiary out of Modena has also trademarked the Cinqueporte logotype and historical font.

Cinqueporte means “five-doors”, fueling speculation that the name may be given either to the new concept SUV crossover presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Show and -temporarily?- called Kubang which is going after the successful Porsche Cayenne's market, or instead to a still to be revealed station-wagon version of the current Quattroporte, attacking directly the (less fortunate, "meno indovinata"...) Porsche Panamera.


It's these days news, in fact, that Maserati and not Ferrari will compete globally with Porsche, Bentley and Aston Martin. According to Sergio Marchionne (CEO of FIAT and Chrysler Groups) the Maranello manufacturer has no SUV, luxury sedan or even just four-doors in its plans.


A special version of the Maserati Quattroporte has been customized for an undisclosed wealthy Middle-eastern buyer already back in 2008.

So: is it gonna be "sportwagon" (my preference!)?

Or ("just another") concept-SUV?!?
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Lately I've been driving a lot through Atherton, California, #2 among the 50 most expensive real estate ZIP codes in the US (...for the San Francisco ZIP codes that make the list, check Sergio's post) on business, and I noticed that the little FIAT "cutie" (the 500) is quite popular as a tender-like vehicle parked in front of the most prestigious mansions.

Probably to be used on the fly for a quick errand, for the nanny to pick up the kids from school, or for the gardener to "run change those fainted tulips before the guests arrive tonight" (...I realize that is a bit of a stretch). Definitely completing in style the rooster of other, more lavish cars parked on the driveways (hopefully joined soon by some sort of Cinqueporte).

That reminded me of my amazed discovery -growing up on the Ligurian riviera of the 70s- of a perfected masterpiece: the 500 "Spiaggina" (or "Jolly" for the rest of the world), an open-roof, no-doors, wicker interiors jewel that the new 500c can only hope to resemble.

That vehicle became an integral extension of any respectable luxury villa or 4-star+ hotel on the coast.

How often can we rightfully say that "less is more" like in this case?



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