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For many a remote concept, for some a Universal Truth:

"Un buon progetto non nasce dall'ambizione di lasciare un segno, il segno del designer, ma dalla volontà di instaurare uno scambio anche piccolo con l'ignoto personaggio che userà l'oggetto da noi progettato." - Achille Castiglioni.

[transl.#1 below]


From the genius of Castiglioni (check the Italian AND English Wikipedia page about him) though, I like even more the honest:

"Se non siete curiosi, lasciate perdere. Se non vi interessano gli altri, ciò che fanno e come agiscono, allora quello del designer non è un mestiere per voi."

[transl.#2 below]

Isn't this referable to many other business sectors too?


Mr. Castiglioni's vision of Design inspired Paola Antonelli's work with New York's MOMA, helping her become one of Italy's currently most active Design ambassadors.



1. A good project is not born from the designer's ambition to leave a mark: the Designer's Mark. It originates from the conscious will of establishing even a small relationship ["exchange"] with the unknown individual using the object that was designed.

2. If you aren't curious, forget it. If you are not interested in the people around you, what they do and how they act, then being a designer is not your call.







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I would make as a mandatory task for all architects and designers before graduation to write 100 times on the blackboard Achille Castiglioni sentence! I see too many designers and architects with a big ego and very little respect and sensitivity for the end user.

Hi there, I would like to say that we have a great and new opportunity right now: drive the change, use the masters' acknowledgements to build a better place for users and contributors (and not only consumers) reduce waste and make the interests of the community we live in, not mostly pursuing a profit for the manufacturer. The old paradigma designer/company is going to be re-evaluated by every part of the civic and economic society. I love Castiglioni. His words are always inspiring. After that, we have to recognize that we're going to take a challenge in a different era, a completely new environment. 

Very right, Florentin!

In fact I think the recent words of Massimo Vignelli suits are current era even more.



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