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Hi to everybody and thanks in advance for helping!

My nephew is 28 and is planning to set in the USA. He has been invited by a relative of him who is running an Italian restaurant there. Of course the job situation here in Italy, and most of all in the south of Italy, is going from bad to worse. So that, this sounds like a great opportunity to him ( a new life, improving his English, meeting people in an international environment, and so on..)
He has a good expertise in the field. He doesn't tell but I think that his dream is to build is future in the States

Of course, the question is: which are the possibilities to get a Visa, or to stay in the States for more than 3 months?

thanks again!

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Hi Dina,
My personal response, not the Consulate's.

There is a wide range of Visa options though probably only a few would be available in his situation AND allow him to work, tipically H1B sponsored visas and J1 vocational internships. It all depends on the personal situation and regulations changes often so I would suggest to first have a look at the state department website for visas, maybe starting here and here:

Also, have you checked out this post? It lists good information resources.

PS: is your nephew in BAIA Link?
Very useful Matteo,
You really showed me the way..

I will go through the links you suggested, and send them to my nephew (including Baia link )

I will keep you informed

Thank you!

Unfortunately we don't have any information how to work in USA.  The only thing I can tell you as an old employee of the Italian Consulate the best answer is to get information to the American Consulate for jurisdiction but it is clear that working in USA your nephew needs to be sponsered and if he works illegally in US he can be deported and cannot entere USA for many years.

Good luck



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