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Of course the following list doesn't mean to be comprehensive, but it's a good starting point for those who need resources when seeking a job/internship.

Job searches in the Bay Area, in the US and worldwide:

J1 Visa Regulation:
US Department of State

Organizations & Other resources:

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Thank you Veronica, very helpful!
Thanks Veronica, Very Useful post: i see that many BAIA link members in Italy are seeking for a work experience in US, and this list of links is a MUST see for them.

I would add a tip for US jobs seekers that live outside the states: if you are ok for a "long shot" and you have patience and strong will to come in US you may want to search for a job in Europe first, with a Company that have the headquarters or large operations in US and then internally seek for a job opportunity in US: it works, but it is not fast.. .

thanks Veronica. This is very helpfull ! I will forward it to my friends
I came in the US the first time with an internship provided by this association


They help providing a job placement, visa papers (but you need to take care of the visa in Italy) and health insurrance. Of couse it has a price!

Another similar agiency is:
Thanks veronica!



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