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TR35 – YOUNG INNOVATORS is a project jointly promoted by the Research Innovation Entrepreneurship ForumUniversity of Padua and Technology Review Italia.
The competition is open to everyone who has a brilliant idea and has already developed a project based on technological innovation and applied research. Deadline: November 30, 2011


Every field of research will be accepted including biotechnology, materials,computer hardware, energy, transportation and the Internet.

The promoter's goal is to identify individuals whose superb technical work holds great promise to shape the next decades. Also to recognize the development of new technology or the creative application of existing technologies to solve problems.

The main aims of TR35-YI are:

1) Highlighting the importance of scientific research for economic and social development
2) Presenting best innovative ideas and projects developed in Italy 
3) Finding financial resources in order to support research and innovation projects 
4) Promoting the entrepreneurial culture based on innovation

Best 35 ideas/projects: 
1) Will be presented in the Technology Review Italia and in the official website of the Research Innovation Entrepreneurship Forum;
2) Will be invited to participate to an event within the Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, in Padua, Italy, during March 2012, in order to present their work to potential investors and venture capitalists;
3) Will be admitted to the selection of the global TR35;
4) Will receive an award from a distinguished scientist or entrepreneur.


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