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my name is Giulia and I'm 29, I'm from Reggio Emilia, Italy.
I graduated in 2006 from Liceo delle scienze sociali Matilde di Canossa in Social Science, in 2014 I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Law with a thesis in International Law.

I started work when I was 16 as a shop assistant and I've been working in different retail shops for several years. During high school we had the opportunity of an internship for events organization during which, after some theoretical lessons, I experienced working in the press office of a healthcare company. In 2013 and 2014 I worked for Studio Lobo and ModenaFiere, both are communication agencies for events organization mainly in the Modena and Bologna areas. I started as an assistant for the commercial manager and with passion and ambition I was given the position of commercial manager for two events.
In 2015 after my Bachelor's Degree I decided to leave my country for a new experience abroad in San Francisco. I received the Cambridge Advanced English certificate and I've recently took the TOEFL exam.

I'm seeking a new work experience/paid internship here in the United States, I'm ambitious and deeply motivated to gain more knowledge. I have a strong ability do adapt to different environments, I'm a team worker and a hard worker. I'm a positive realistic person, really easy going and with a natural curiosity about the world.

Skills: strong communication skills developed during my first internship as event organizer and my past job as Commercial manager for Studio Lobo and ModenaFiere, team worker thanks to my past experiences in retail shops, experienced in sales field.

Personality: passionate, positive, self motivated, high energy, flexible and a strong desire for personal and professional growth.

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