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Summer is the season when many Italian and foreign tourists enjoy salty days by our breathtaking shores, (7500 Km of mesmerizing coastlines) but it is also the time when we need to become more aware of our impact on marine life and the sustainability of our habits. EU legislators have recently reached a historic agreement to collaborate toward ending the overfishing that has depleted much of our sea resources.

In Northern California many of us refer to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch guides to select the seafood we buy for cooking or order at a restaurant. In Italy we can now also make educated choices when deciding which fish to buy and cook: Slow Fish helps select the species less at risk, which are also often healthier for us to consume.

Our customs can change over our lifetimes, as we learn how our actions impact our environment and how the surrounding ecosystem reacts. Let’s educate ourselves and our families so we can preserve the natural treasures we were given and hopefully return them to their earlier splendor.

Let’s get to truly know and protect our seas and its resources this summer, for all future seasons.

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