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"The approach I am using mingles European and American ideas that brings together European expertise and new trends in American decorative art". Stefano Coccioli

An amazing technique.  Stefano paints on sheet of gesso (plaster) and then he builds the painting in a basso rilievo style with marble dust, silver and gold...

This is a technique that Stefano has developed while being an artist and a member of the Paris Academy.  His experience and work in Europe is to restore castles and old houses through Italy and Europe.  What strikes me about his work, from painting on wood to engraving on gesso, is the desire to experiment techniques that balance tradional and modern approaches.  As an open minded artist, perhaps his personal success is based on the fact that he is able to mix diverse elements and to create, from the melting pot, an artistic result.  That is what an artist should be able to achieve, interpreting diffente worlds and be able to bring together, as he says, different cultures, inspirations, that may come from elsewhere.  This is a positive impact taht he has with art.

Emanuela Giordana, Editor in Chief of Lettera 22, Italian New Agency.

You can see the paintings under my pictures.


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