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Networking Possibilities for Italian Safety Valve Designer and Producer

I am excited to have found this group, and happy to see that a community exists which fosters business networking opportunities between the USA and Italy.  I am a representative for FEMA, S.R. L., an Italian firm which specializes in the design and production of safety valves for a variety of industries, including petrochemical, aeronautical, cryogenic (to name a few).  We supply valves globally, but would like to increase our market in the USA.  Does anyone in this community have knowledge of firms that may be interested in our products?  Also, any recommendations on networking strategies would be greatly appreciated.  I would like to learn of past experiences that others have had in bringing their businesses to the USA.  Any and all suggestions, experiences and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

FEMA's website is: for a listing of all the products and certifications that

FEMA S.R.L. provides.

Thank you for all your help and advice.

~Barbara Bardelli

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Hello Barbara, welcome!

I've been an area sales manager for Glynweed Pipe Systems (now Aliaxis Group), representing two Italian manufacturing units (FIP and A.V.F.), in the late 90's.
In the US we were distributed by Harrington, but of course we were also involved in direct supplies and third party manufacturing, and I was acting as liaison between the plants and the distribution, OEMs and "the market"...

This is all old history, but I'm confident that not much has changed, also because the biggest market consolidations worldwide happened during those years, and I'm sure it took a while to digest them...

Even if my contacts in the area are old, feel free to contact me at my first to chat about it, or touch base should you be in the SF Bay area anytime soon.
Thank you, Giorgio! I have sent you an email and look forward to learning about your experiences in the field.




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