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A little background on me: studied Italian on and off since high school (I'm 28 years old now), studied in Milan for 6 months, and attempted a 3 month Italian log but only lasted 3 weeks due to scheduling conflicts (I live in San Francisco and have a 9 hour time change with Italy via Skype). 

So I feel like my level is a solid B1 and my goal is a solid C1. Italian has been my passion/obsession since I was a kid and I think that was a problem for me over the years by always wanting to be "perfect". However, I've been getting over that and am feeling a lot more comfortable with "messing up" in front of people.

Amazingly, I felt like I learned way more in 3 weeks of speaking with people (only 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes) than I have my whole life just 'studying' on and off.

I'll get to the piont.

My goal:To speak Italian for an hour and a half, 5 days a week for 3 months. I've gotten to the point where I will pay for private tutoring. Also, if I'm happy with the results I might want to continue. 

To me, this is the only way to fluency. I want to obtain C1 status and then maintain it with speaking once a week for an hour or two.

If anyone is interested or can recommend anyone specifically please let me know. It's time to quit putting this off. It's either now or never.

Grazie mille per l'aiuto!


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Ciao Jonny
We're hosting a networking event in SF this coming Wednesday (see our events page for details). This will be a good opportunity to practice your Italian and meet people. We host this event every month.

Hi Jonny!! My name is Giovanni, I'm Italian and I'm looking for a job or an internship in the States, because I would improve my english level and I would spend a new experience abroad. I wish to attend some english course (I would finance the english course by working).

My idea is: If you give me a job, I'll teach you italian.

What do you think about?

Contact me if you want:



ITALIAN VERSION (if you prefer)

Ciao Jonny! mi chiamo Giovanni, sono italiano e sto cercando un lavoro o un tirocinio negli Stati Uniti, perché vorrei migliorare il mio livello di inglese e fare un'esperienza all'estero. L'ideale sarebbe frequentare un corso di inglese e ottenere una certificazione finanziando il tutto con il lavoro.

La mia idea è: trovami un lavoro o un tirocinio che ti insegno l'italiano.

Cosa ne pensi? fammi sapere

Contattami se vuoi:



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