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On International Women’s Day 2013, Il Sole 24 ORE highlights Italian women who are taking charge in politics and key institutional roles. I personally believe we will live in a balanced state once such news will no longer be "news". When perhaps we will have ministers who can actually govern, be women or men, because they are qualified and capable to do so. Ditto for players in the workforce at every level and in all fields.

Happy Women's Day to all: in honor of the many inspiring women role models we all have and of women who fought for the right for all of us to vote and to perform many daily tasks that were once the privilege of a limited group. And a toast to a future where such discussions will no longer be needed because we will naturally work together and productively, based on our merits and on our individual talents and skills in a spirit of collaborative teamwork, for the same remuneration and with the growth opportunities each person deserves.

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