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I-130 VISA for Italian spouse: how long it takes to get the consular interview scheduled at Naples consulate?

Dear BAIA members,


my name is Angela and my husband is American. I am looking for some tips/suggestion/information about processing time of I-130 VISA by NVC.


In details: Joe and I got married in 2010 after dating for 8 years. During our engagment Joe was living in Italy. One year before we got married Joe had to go back to Boston-MA.


Joe filed a I-130 VISA on December the 3rd, 2010. The I-130 was approved by USCIS on April the 21st 2011.


All the documents- including affidavit of support and DS-230 part I and II- have been submitted to NVC on June the 7th, 2011 and the required fees have been payed.


Do you have any best guess based on your experience about how long will it take to get the appointment at Naples consulate?

Since Joe left Italy we live apart, even if now we are married and this sounds insane. We got married and we have to live does this make any sense.


Please, I need some information based on your experience on this matter. I am getting very sad and frustrated since none seems to be able to provide any timeline.


Thanks a lot for your help.



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Hi Serena, I think the Italian consulate cannot give you any info about this, since it is in the hands of the US authorities.

I went through a similar experience through the American consulate in Bern (Switzerland) in 2004. At the time, if I recall correctly the process from application to interview and issuing of the visa was about 2 months, but then again, it was a long time ago and I suspect workload and timing vary quite dramatically from one consular administration to another. 

Hello Angela,

It depends where you got married...If you have married in USA the procedure to get an appointment with the American Consulate in Naples is a bit longer than if you had married in Italy in your place of residency. In the first case, after your husband has signed the petition for you to join him, the petition has to be sent by Diplomatic Currier  to the American Consulate in Naples.  When the American Consulate get your file they you will notify you for an interview and for the medical check ups at the Consulate...When you are called up by the American Consulate in Naples all is done in one day and they will give you an envelope with all the medical results.   They will give you a date in which  you have to arrive in USA and present the envelope to the Authority at the border.  In that moment you signed your green card and they take your digital print and you are all set and legal in USA.  Do not forget to go to the Office of Social Security after you get the green card otherwise you cannot obtain your social security number for working legally in USA.   



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