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My daughter has recently received her Italian citizenship and is now ready to get her passport.  My question is:  can she present herself to any Italian consulate office or does she need to come back to SF where she is registered?  She currently goes to school in Los Angeles, and therefore going to that consulate may be easier for her.  She does not want to transfer her records there, however, since Los Angeles is just temporary for her and Cupertino remains her formal address.


Thank you for your help.





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Hello there,

I am answering your question only because I worked for the Italian Consulate in San Francisco for many years but I don't have any affiliation or whatover with any Italian Consulate in USA.  If you daughter has been recognized as an Italian citizen and she is studing in Los Angeles the first passport must be issued by the Consulate that has ascertain her Italian citizenship, and must be only the Italian Consulate  where she resides and not where she studies.

Good luck



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