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I am trying to attend a trade show to be held in Milan in September for my small import business.  In order to register, I must obtain a VAT number.  Does anyone know how I can go about doing so?


Also, is there paperwork that I will need to fill out every year for having this VAT number? 


My company is based here in the USA, but I am a dual citizen of both the USA and Italy.  I'm not sure if that makes any difference! 


Thank you!!



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If you're a non-Italian buyer, you don't need an Italian VAT number; I suggest using something 00000000000 or something similar to go through a badly programmed registration website.

These things, which slow the growth of the Italian economy, are maddening! 

Really?  That is great news!  I will try to register and let you know!  Thank you.



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