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Dearest friends of BAIA Comunity,
my name is Emanuela Di Vito, i'm an italian filmmaker and i'm interested to keep in touch with you all for my business idea. 
Please allow me to introduce my company "Wed Your Movie" which i'm the CEO and the Founder.
COMPANY MISSION: the main activity is related to the filmmaking inside the biggest field of the "Destination Wedding"; I'd like to expand this business in the US, because my clients are exactly there: couples who wish to get married in Italy; personally I manage and organize teams in the same way like a film director does. 
The Destination Wedding business is part of a large market in Europe and it is increasing thanks to the US couples
We can organize everything is connected to the wedding in Italy, from the location (vintage and hystoric location like Castels or prestigious Villas), make up design, costumes designs, vintage carriages, catering and banqueting, wedding favors and the biggest mission: the wedding film, the spouses movie, the most important part of our work.
All my staff behind the scenes work in the pre production just to let the movie be perfect.
Also i'm a screenwriter and i'm too busy in this particolar moment because i'm writing a Script for an important tv show concerned the Reality Weddings (i already discussed it with producers in LA two weeks ago).
One month ago on April 28th, me and my collaborators went to NY to take part to the "Wedding Salon", a nice exposition for international wedding vendors. 
NY couples liked This specific product: they would love to have a director for their day, they would love to feel themselves like actors for one day, they cannot wait to tell their personal love story through the skills and the eyes of a screenwriter.
My team develops tailored products for the couples, and in particular we reproduce their love story inside the videoclip, involving them in the acting of their own love story; in short we mix the art directing with the wedding. 
Our movieclip need cinematic tools anytime, we use to shot with the drone, crane, reflex and slider, our set are always accurate and they really reflect the Italian cinema.
Please take a look to our web site: -
WHAT WE NEED: to let people nourish feasibility and credibility towards us, we need to be established with our company in to the American soil. 
The strategies to obtain this business in the US, are basically two: 
- APPLY FOR A ARTISTIC VISA and figure out to find interesting people when we'll be there.
"Little Italy" in San Francisco is an excellent representation of Italy: it describes well the Italian taste and would be my desire to have a store in that area for the destination wedding and for italian weddings in San Francisco. 
This project is really ambitious.
If you feel yourself attracted from this market, please let us know: our business partner should believe in this market and in the Destination Wedding business.
In the case of the artistic visa I need a sponsor, in the case of business visa, I need a partner.
If you are interested in, please let us know, our lawyer will be in touch with you soon to talk better with you. info at:
Thank you for your time.
Emanuela Di Vito

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Ciao Emanuela,

Ho letto con interesse la tua nota che mi ha incuriosito.  Dopo anni di vita a San Francisco e lavoro sedentario in ufficio, sto pensando ad aprire la mia attivita' e ad alternative per un connubbio USA-Italia che appassioni...e matrimoni sono un soggetto toccante e sempre di moda!  Non so di preciso le tue aspettative per un business partner ma pensavo valesse la pena di almeno contattarti per farti sapere che la tua proposta mi piace molto e vorrei potere esplorare un po' le tue idee in  merito.  Puoi contattarmi su e spero di ricevere un riscontro.

Per ora un forte augurio di buon giovedi'.

Cari saluti, Dorella

Ciao Emanuela, Sono a San francisco da due anni e sono Interior designer 

 Bilingue e cittadina americana. Vorrei sapere di piu' della tua idea....potrebbe essere una bella maniera di mantenere i contatti fra Italy e USA ! Il mio cell e' 415/7176179 parliamo okay ?

Sono disponibile questa sera dopo le 18 o Domani ...GRAZIE ! Ciao PAULA

Ciao Paula, grazie della tua risposta.

Cortesemente, potresti fornirmi del tuo indirizzo email? 

Buona giornata, 



I have just made new plans to be in Asti Sept. 13 and Sept. 14 for the festival of the Sagre, leaving the 15th to be in Pescaro, or Bellagio. Do either of those work for you? Dianne

I am coming to Lake Como Sept. 10-16 and if you are in the area I would like to talk with you more about this idea. I live in Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. I am a native of San Francisco. Dianne Rossi Andrews

Dear Dianne,

thank you for your polite reply.

I can come to Lake Como after september 13th if you are agree.

Please, email me in private:

Have a very good stay in Italy!

I will wait for your email. Thank you for contact me.

Emanuela Di Vito



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