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Bi-lingual Relationship Manager, Global Strategist & Intercultural Trainer seeking career change in SF.

Bi-lingual Relationship Manager, Global Strategist and Intercultural Trainer looking for a career change in San Francisco...Please contact with relevant leads. My website is Italian To Go and you can also see my my LinkedIn profile.Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I bring 15 years’ experience identifying, developing and delivering what organizations need to empower the clients and communities they serve. I thrive in public facing roles as a liaison & facilitator of partnerships directed at win-win outcomes. I am a Motivating Mentor who demonstrates vision, integrity & encouragement to break down borders & create alliances through understanding our differences. I'm an Intercultural Trainer skilled in developing an individualization of the client/learner experience for diverse populations worldwide. I'm a Communications Strategist with a balanced mix of creativity, business acumen, service-orientation & diplomacy who appreciates the process of solving challenges to devise lasting & influential improvements. And I'm Curious Explorer with extensive international study/work/volunteer experience.

In short, I study, assess, create and drive learning, access and communication needs and turn them into global solutions, so don't miss the opportunity to bring me on your international team because I also bring...

  • Fluency in Italian & English & well-versed in both Italian & US culture & communications
  • Aptitude for creating lasting & influential relationships with stakeholders at all levels
  • A global viewpoint that leverages partners toward shared goals
  • A love for guiding individuals to achieve their academic, professional & cultural goals 
  • Strategic, analytical, entrepreneurial & solution-based thinking
  • Results-driven marketing & content development/management
  • Competency in building, managing & analyzing data-driven systems to improve products
  • An ability to wear many hats, oversee multiple projects/programs & 
  • The courage to take risks to drive innovation, integrity & intelligent exchanges
  • Effective Collaboration among cross-functioning & dispersed teams worldwide


Grazie a tutti in anticipo,


Kelly Britt

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Hi Kelly, thanks for the post! We'll be including it in our weekly BAIA Email Digest for more views.

Also, please don't publish duplicate blog posts. Thank you.



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