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We've gotten a pretty big influx of new members recently so I wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone and ask all of you to come in and say hello! Please feel free to introduce yourself if you're an existing member and if you're a newer member, tell us what brought you in and what you hope to get out of this site.

I'll start.

I'm Franco. I started this site with the BAIA team so we could all share our experiences and build a stronger community online and off-line. I hope this becomes a place where we can all learn from each other. It's a shared venue where we inform you of current events, share our professional experiences, and find ideas and inspiration for new business projects.
Welcome to BAIA Link!

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Hello I'm an Italian entrepreneur and an angel investor in innovative start-ups. I love Silicon Valley eco-system and I'm actively working to create a sustainable business for Italian (software engineering) talent in the Valley.

I'm the founder of Wave Group, a well established Italian IT Consultancy and one of the founder of Frontiers of Interaction - an Italian convention to promote innovation in our country.
Hello to everyone,

My name is David Gruenwald. Born and raised in Italy in a bi-lingual environment.
My background was primarily in the culinary arts, but I have since then moved into a trade job. Since 2003 I’m working in the Napa Valley (CA) for an import company that brings in wine packaging products from Italy.

I’m very excited to have found this site! I hope to expand my social and business opportunities through BAIA.
I’m an advocate promoter of the Italian culture and the "made in Italy" for the US.
Hi all,

I'm 38 years old from Milan, graduated in Computer Science and passionated entrepreneur.

When I was still a student (1997), I founded my first company (IDS) focused on Business Intelligence and Data-Warehousing. Two years after foundation, IDS was mentioned among the most relevant BI consulting firm in Italy.

Then I founded Concept (2000); here we produce myK, an Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) recently listed by Gartner among the most important solutions, the only one developed in Southern Europe.

Now I'm here in SF to learn "where technology is born and changes the world" and to test my ideas for the "next big thing".

So, I need to learn, to build relationships quickly and to collect feedback from more experienced people.

I hope BAIA can help me!


Ciao Andrea,

ti ringrazio molto!

Già... molte volte si tratta di treni che bisogna riuscire a prendere al volo... Però nella mia piccolissima esperienza personale devo dire che devi anche un po' aiutarla la fortuna: mi sono capitate le cose migliori quando mi sono buttato... Ed anche ora lo sto facendo... chissà!

Anche per me felice di incontrarti qui!

Crepi il lupo (ricambio!)


Hi everybody,
my name is Fabio and I'm a new member of BAIA.
I'm an electrical engineer and I moved to San Jose about 6 Month ago to start a semiconductor company.

I hope to find you all well,

Best regards,

Hello Guys, I'm a graduate student Computer Engeneering at Roma3, I was invited by Marco Sgroi to get into your social network. I really like the issues you handled, for me it is a pleasure to learn these subjects by experts like you.

Hello everyone,

I'm Alessandro (Alex in US :)), from Turin but now I live in Berkeley (I landed in US about a month ago). Like many other people also in this network I attended the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 and I was selected for a visiting scientist position at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
I'm an electronic engineer focused on circuit design and embedded systems, but I'm interested also in applications of ICT in many other areas like physics, energy, biotech and diagnostic.
See you on the next BAIA event!


Hello everyone,
My name is David and I am currently working at NASA AMES. I recently discovered BAIA and immediately decided to join it.
My background is a mix of engineering, political science and management. I hope to expand my social connections and find a job to keep working in Silicon Valley after my contract with NASA ends this May 2011.
This is my linkedin profile:
Feel free to contact me if you pass by AMES for a coffee, lunch or just to say hello.

Dear all,

I am just registerd in BAIA network.

I'm 30 years old with a BA in management engineering. After some work experiences in trading and commercial jobs I am thinking about Us (possibly west cost). I like entrepreneurial spirit and I am doing some little experiences of startups. I would go forward studing or working about business development topics and any advices will be appreciated to help me in such idea.

I love outdoor sports as running, kitesurfing, skiing and obviously soccer.


Bye to all



Thanks to Franco I was made aware of this group. I'm not much of a self publicist but you can find out more about me here. I will be heading out to Italy this summer and hope to start a yearly trek to volunteer while promoting education, communication, exchange of information & engagement in social media closer to where it can make a difference.

Hello BAIA members!

On July 2015, I discovered this group! Yeah! So glad I found you and went to the aperitivo in Palo Alto last night: a great group of new friends!

My husband Vittorio Fossati-Bellani and I moved with our little boy from Milano to Palo Alto 30 years ago, originally for 2 years, and here we are now. If you are a newcomer in the Bay Area, I know what you are going through, but remember that you are very welcome here and soon you will develop roots!

Speaking of roots, if you are looking for a house or condo to buy or rent in the Bay Area, I am here to help you and I can show you all the properties that you are interested in. I have the "master key" of all the properties on the market and we can take the time you need to find your perfect home. I can also list your home if you are ready to sell. 

Looking forward to helping you! And please don't forget to refer friends and family to me.

Cristina Ballerio, REALTOR  (and an MD from Milano)

2651 Elmdale Place Palo Alto, CA 94303


Cal BRE# 01963063



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