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We've gotten a pretty big influx of new members recently so I wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone and ask all of you to come in and say hello! Please feel free to introduce yourself if you're an existing member and if you're a newer member, tell us what brought you in and what you hope to get out of this site.

I'll start.

I'm Franco. I started this site with the BAIA team so we could all share our experiences and build a stronger community online and off-line. I hope this becomes a place where we can all learn from each other. It's a shared venue where we inform you of current events, share our professional experiences, and find ideas and inspiration for new business projects.
Welcome to BAIA Link!

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Hello to everyone,

I'm a new member on this site and I was very surprised to find out that a community this big and active exists to sustain professional development between the US and Italy.
I'm a fresh graduate in Business and Economics in Roma Tre University, and I signed up on this site to start looking for a way to find a job opportunity in California, since I grew up in the United States and would really like to come back and live there as soon as possible.
Hope to meet new people here,
Hi everyone,
I joined BAIA US in 2007 (paid my first subscription on May 31, 2007). At that time I was looking for information about moving to the Silicon Valley, and people at BAIA US had been so kind, responsive and helpful (via both emails and Skype) that I decided to join the association as a way to demonstrate my gratitude and appreciation.

At that time my current startup (actually the third company I’ve founded in my life) was entirely self-funded so I finally decided to stay in Italy in order to take advantage of lower average salaries and of my connections with many universities. However, we have been lucky enough to be seed-funded in Italy, and should we close a decent first VC round in Italy we would definitely try to spend a few months in a Plug&Play center and see which opportunities valley-based VCs can offer.

I’m an Electronic Engineer (a software engineering degree was not an option in Rome back in 1992, when I graduated) but I’m in software development since 1983 (my first game, fillerball ) . Once graduated I’ve been working for the European Space Agency for a few years (one year at the ESTEC center in Holland), and then 1995 I co-founded my first company (INTEGRA Sistemi) focused on the development of large information systems (government, ticketing, command&control, defense, etc.). Both my first two companies are up and running, but all my efforts and passion is now on the new baby (, a cloud-computing platform with an alternative approach to the development of business-grade database applications.

Favourite sports: paragliding, windsurfing, skiing, scuba-diving and in-line skating.
I'm Marika,

from Rome, but currently I'm living in Berkeley (CA) for a visiting research period (PhD from La Sapienza) in economics related to ICT. This group seems perfect for my interest and my current life.

I just want to say hello to everyonel!!
Welcome Marika! I would recommend to join us for the February 18 event in San Mateo. You will have the opportunity to meet several BAIA people in person!
Thank you!

I will try to come.
Ciao Marika. I was quickly going through your linkedin profile and I just I stumbled upon the "methodology to measure innovation" you're working on. I would be interested in knowing more about that, maybe you can share the basics here if you like or provide some references (but I'm not an economist, so do not go too much in details). All the best.
Ciao Antonio,

I'm surprised about your interest in my research project, but very glad about that. I don't go into details, of course, also becouse it's still a 'work in progress', but in general my research project investigates the economic and social impact of software and software based services monitoring the quali-quantitative aspects in the present and its probable evolution. The aim of the research will be the development of an integrated methodological and analytical framework based on public data sources, qualitative methods and quantitative metric with the specific purpose of making it reusable by the stakeholders.

I know it's not sufficient to clarify the metodology, but it's a point of departure...

I have looked too on your LinkedIn profile, and it's really interesting. Maybe I can ask you for some advices related to my project, if for you it's ok. (maybe in Italian)

Anyway, thank you and have a good day,
Dear Franco, dear all.

My name is Gaspare and I am an Italian lawyer working in Milan. It is a pleasure for me to be a member of BAIA and I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with all other members of BAIA in the future.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Hello everyone,
I'm Mara. I'm a new member and I am living in Milan.
I'm looking for a job opportunity in US, specially in Miami, a city where I put down roots in the past.
I hope to give the community a good support with my participation.
Thank you for welcoming me to this site!

i'm just a new member and above you can read my presentation,very general.
To get more info about one of my fields and interestes maybe it could be better do a clear request.
nice to meet you here for the moment...
working in fashion& research prototype production PR personal shopping brand/image consulting outsourcing supplier sponsor base in Rome...tourism field in managing&fashion 4job&dance4plesaure...
Hi to everyone!

I've graduated in law at the University of Ferrara in July, after a semester of lawyer traineeship in a law firm in Padova I have been admitted for an internship at the European Commission in Busseles. I'm currenly working in DG Competition, and in particular in the unit that deals with state aid for R&D, Innovation and Risk Capital.

I really like the "BAIA idea" and I hope I can learn something interesting from you all!

If some of you is in Brussels in this moment let me know!

In the meanwhile I post you a link to the Transatlantic Innovation Dialogue (I don't work in this specific field but maybe someone is interested to know that this Forum simply exist):
Good morning,
my name is Federico Ballarino and I work as business development manager for a transport company located in the north-west of Italy. I've been practicing this job since May 2004 acquiring big clients for the companies I worked with and getting quite good personal successes. I'm looking forward a job that will allow me to work and live in the USA simply because I love the country and the opportunities it provides. My plan is getting an intense English course in Berkeley with EF and then finding a good job on the West Coast. I've been studying Computer Science at the Politecnico of Turin from September 1998 to May 2004.



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