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I am considering applying for US Citizenship. I know some of the folks in this community hold double passports from US and other countries. What would you say are the top 3 PROS and top 3 CONS in becoming a US citizen? Thank you.

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Thank you Domenico. Can you think of any reason why I should NOT get the citizenship?
Top 3 pros:

1. You are finally treated like a human being at U.S. customs! :)
2. You may go back to Italy without losing the right to work in the US
3. You may vote and wear an American pin on your jacket with pride

Top 3 cons:

1. You will be forever tied to the IRS... (worldwide income tax subject to treaty)
2. You could still be stripped of your citizenship since you will never be a "real" U.S. citizen but just a "naturalized" one...
3. Ethical dilemma: are you betraying your motherland....? [Answer: no, if you have two parents why cannot you have two countries and love both of them equally?]
As a matter of fact, I am a sworn officer of the Aeronautica Militare. Once an officer, always an officer. The allegiance issue may be the most critical to me :)
Are going to do-it-yourself or using a law firm?
Does anyone have thoughts on the do-it-yourself vs law-firm approach?
Any referrals to law-firms?
We have done it without attorneys of any kind. But if you are interested in total piece of mind, an immigration firm will help. The ceremony is unforgettable!
Re: Matteo Daste's #1 CON
As a US resident you are supposed to include in your US tax return: your worldwide income, any foreign assets over $10K, any foreign entities you have a controlling interest in, pretty much full transparency regardless of where the income/assets are.
Also, withOUT any endorsement of or association with this publisher, see this law firm's website on a new and very relevant law
Bottom line: this is NOT good for anyone thinking of going back to the motherland one day.
In conclusion, I don't see any downsides. This new law (or actually, the lack thereof) was the reason why I had held back, so, I'm starting my app next week :-)

Matteo, Very good point about the potential de-naturalization, a factor often forgotten ... under what conditions can it happen?
I do not know exactly, but I understand that you can be denaturalized if you lie in the citizenship application, if you leave the US within 1 year of becoming a US citizen and also for crimes involving "immoral" conduct.



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